CAOS Better.

Can be picked up by things other than creatures, vehicles and the pointer.
Can be picked up by the mouse.
Can be activated using the mouse - otherwise CLAC and CLIK style events don't get sent when you click on the agent.
When set on a vehicle, it will automatically pick up things dropped in its cabin.
Creatures don't see you - applies to ESEE and STAR on creatures, as well as internal creature code.
Agent floats relative to the screen. Move it with FLTO. If you call FREL, the agent will float relative to another agent instead of the screen.
Will collide with room boundaries, according to its PERM.
Agent falls with proper physics, including gravity, air resistance and friction. Otherwise, it simply moves with velocity.
Agent can't be seen on a remote camera (PAT: CMRA) or photograph (SNAP). For vehicles, the contents is shy as well.
When set on a vehicle, it allows creatures to see and activate its passengers. The default behaviour is that they can't.
When set on an agent the various rotation commands (SPIN, ROTN, AVEL etc.) can be used.
An agent with this attribute set has a circular physical presence in the world and receives Impact script callbacks.
Creatures can activate 1 (push) this agent.
Creatures can activate 2 (pull) this agent.
Creatures can deactivate this agent.
Creatures can hit this agent.
Creatures can eat this agent.
Creatures can pick up this agent.


Fast Ticks



Displays rendering. Turning it off may speed the game up but will freeze the game's display entirely, including the hand.
Fastest ticks. The game usually runs at a maximum of 20 frames per second. If this is set, it instead runs as fast as it can. Combine with turning Display off for the fastest possible speed.
Refreshes the display at end of the tick. If set, then the display is updated once at the end of the tick, and the flag is cleared. The flag will have to be re-set before it refreshes again (or until display is turned on). Generally only useful if you have display turned off.
Autokill. If set, agents which generate run errors are automatically killed; otherwise the error will be displayed and the game will freeze until the error is acknowledged. Make sure this is turned off when you are testing agents.